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Healthcare Software Solutions

No matter what keeps your patients, staff, or practitioners from seamlessly traveling the road of care from start to finish, elxo can help you draw the right map with consulting, low-code, and custom healthcare software solutions that help you ask the right questions and solve the right process problems quickly.

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Easy Implementation. Empowered Patients & Staff. Better, All Around.

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Solve the Right Problems

elxo starts with strategic healthcare consulting to create solutions tailored to your needs rather than forcing your problem to fit a pre-set playbook

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Get Results Faster

Other routes take years to implement. Elxo moves from proof of concept to fully functional in just months, with incremental delivery and testing and feedback cycles throughout.  

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Get Custom Without the Strain

From low-code versatility to efficiencies that come from solving all manner of care path problems, elxo can help with less burden on budgets and resources, including from your IT department.

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Plan It and Execute It, No Scope Creep

elxo is both a software developer and healthcare consulting firm, so we work start to finish and understand up-front the problems to solve and the cost and time needed to solve them.  

Get Your Estimate

Start a no-obligation discussion about the problem you are trying to solve, then we strategize together to find a solution that works for you.

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1 Consulting

Diagnose & Plan

We start by asking questions, getting to know your business, your people, and the care journey issues you need to solve. We take a holistic approach, digging into:

  • Draw a straight line between patient satisfaction and cost savings

  • Understanding the current landscape through interviewing your people

  • Learning about your technical processes to align the solution

Once we’ve asked the right questions of the right people and evaluated your processes and technology, we’ll develop a set of personalized, actionable recommendations. Here, we’ll outline needed resources and suggest tech-based solutions from off-the-shelf products to custom healthcare software solutions.

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2 Software

Treat the Issue

We start with a proof of concept and iterate quickly to design a just-right solution for your specific care path problem. Then we get to work building. How and what we create depends on your organization’s timeframe and needs:

Low-code: 6 months or less

  • Start up fast with a solution mostly ready to use right out of the box

  • Save money and pay monthly by licensing a fully developed, sophisticated solution at a lower cost

  • Customize, meet your specific requirements, and make it yours easily

Fully custom: 7-8 months

  • Solve more complex problems and fine-tune customizations to create a solution that’s tailor-made for your organization

  • Quick-start, low-code implementation included

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3 Ongoing Support

Follow Up

Once your solution is up and running (and you’re seeing results) elxo stays close, helping you stay successful with:

  • Ongoing maintenance

  • Thorough documentation

  • And training sessions for staff

Keep Your PHI
to Yourself

Unlike most third-party software providers, elxo doesn’t consume your patient data, we tokenize it, providing a higher level of risk prevention and security. Since your data never leaves your system, it also lowers cost and time spent in compliance review.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

As part of Microsoft Azure, elxo’s solutions are HIPAA-compliant out of the box. 

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The path to solving your organization’s biggest care path problems starts here.

Connect with elxo today to start plotting your best path down the bumpy road of complex patient care. You bring the process and patient connection problems to solve. We’ll draw the map. Let’s see how far we can go, together.