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Elxo is a custom healthcare software development company

Empowering patients, easing complex care paths, & building better for everyone.

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We Believe

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Technology can support human-first healthcare

When treated with a light touch and designed to connect patients and practitioners without complicating processes, smart software can support making lives better in the exam room and beyond.
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Simpler care journeys benefit everyone

From frontline staff to back-office teams, from IT to the C-suite to the waiting room, everyone in the medical ecosystem deserves an easy button. We work to reduce the burden that complex care paths create.
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Empowered patients are happier, healthier patients

Informed patients with the ability to own their healthcare journeys are more involved patients. They also fall through cracks in scheduling less often, meaning better continuity of care (and bottom lines).
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From Engineering to Ethical Design

elxo’s founder, Andre Ahuja, began his career creating software solutions for the telecom industry but quickly realized that his skill in connecting the dots of complex journeys could have a more ethical, humanitarian purpose in healthcare. That epiphany led to an ongoing engagement with Kaiser Permanente where the patient-centric nonprofit’s mindset has driven our product development and honed our passion to help heal some of healthcare’s biggest disconnects, ease the daily burden on frontline staff, and save practices money in the process.

We Make a Difference


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The path to solving your organization’s biggest care path problems starts here.

Connect with elxo today to start plotting your best path down the bumpy road of complex patient care. You bring the process and patient connection problems to solve. We’ll draw the map. Let’s see how far we can go, together.